18% Climb In Mumbai-Pune Freeway Cost Expense From April 1. See New Rates

Mumbai: Cost for vehicles on the Mumbai-Pune Interstate, the primary access-controlled street of the nation, will increment by 18% from April 1, authorities of the Maharashtra State Street Improvement Partnership (MSRDC) said.
A senior MSRDC official said today that however the cost increments by six percent every year, it is carried out in total at 18% after like clockwork, as set down in an administration notice of August 9, 2004.

The new cost will be ₹ 320 for four-wheelers like vehicles and jeeps rather than the current ₹ 270, and ₹ 495 for vehicles like small scale transport and rhythms rather than the current ₹ 420, another authority said.

Cost for two-pivot trucks will increment to ₹ 685 from the current ₹ 585. For transports, it will increment to ₹ 940 from ₹ 797.

Three-hub trucks will be charged 1,630 rather than ₹ 1,380 and multi-hub trucks and apparatus vehicles should pay ₹ 2,165 rather than current ₹ 1,835.

Cost would continue as before till 2030 as there wouldn’t be any correction following three years in 2026, authorities said.

Around 95 km long, the six-path Mumbai-Pune Freeway was completely operationalised in 2002. Cost is gathered at five cost courts, of which ones at Khalapur and Talegaon are the primary ones.

Around 1.5 lakh vehicles utilize the Freeway regular.

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