2020 Hathras Assault Murder Case: A Timetable

A court in Uttar Pradesh sentenced the fundamental blamed in the 2020 Hathras assault murder case on Thursday. The other three charged have been cleared. As per the authorities, Sandeep Thakur has been sentenced under at fault crime not adding up to kill, and not of assault or murder. Though, Sandeep’s uncle Ravi and their companions Luv Kush and Ramu, were found not guilty.
The case relates to a 20-year-old Dalit lady who passed on at a Delhi emergency clinic a fortnight after she was purportedly assaulted in her town. In her proclamation, the casualty had said that she was hauled by her dupatta into the fields when she was cutting grass with her mom and sibling. She had experienced different cracks and a cut on her tongue. As indicated by specialists, the lady supported wounds to her neck and was left incapacitated.

The wrongdoing had started shock the nation over.

Here is a glance at the case timetable:

September 14, 2020: The lady assaulted and severely tormented after she goes to work in the fields with her mom in the Bhoolgarhi town.

September 19: The casualty’s assertion is recorded at JNMC Medical clinic in Aligarh. She names one denounced who is captured.

September 22: The lady names the other three denounced and arguments are documented against every one of the four. They are accused of assault and endeavor to kill.

September 30: The casualty is strongly incinerated at 2:30 am by cops after her family is secured inside their home.

October 11: CBI begins researching the case.

October 13: The Allahabad High Court noticed that the rushed incineration of the lady “is by all appearances an encroachment upon the basic freedoms of the person in question and her loved ones”.

December: The CBI says the casualty was assaulted and killed and recorded a chargesheet. The test organization conjures charges of assault and murder under the SC/ST (Anticipation of Abominations) Act.

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