7th Pay Commission: Increment Of Lakhs of Employees This Month

All the employees will feel over the moon after they come to know that their salary will increase. Yes, you heard it right,  recently we have got to know about the 7th pay commission DA hike. As far as we know in order to save the government employees and pensioners from the impact of inflation. The DA added some components to the salary and pension. As per the seventh finance commission, DA is increased twice a year.

You must be in the swim about that DA stands for dearness allowance is increased in Jan and it is the second revision that is taking place in the month of July.  It is the best news of today for the Government employees because the central government is planning to gift to its lakhs of employees very soon. Because it has been a long time all the employees are working for the same amount for years. Even they were also facing salary issues in the last year. In the month of July, the Prime Minister can increase the DA  one more time.

7th Pay Commission

Increment Of Lakhs Of Employees In The Central Government

The UPA government set up the 7th Pay Commission and headed by Justice Ashok Kumar Mathur. It consisted of 7 members from diverse fields and their recommendations came into effect on the first day of January 2016. This commission focuses on the emoluments structure and other conditions of service. The recommended pay increases will benefit nearly 30 million employees. In addition to the basic pay, employees will receive Dearness allowance, house rent allowance, and leave transport allowance.

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The 7th Pay Commission has proposed two dates for granting the increment to the lakhs of employees in the Central Government. The two dates are slated for the 2nd day of July and the second day of August. This is a big day for everyone as this is the most anticipated pay rise in years. Further, the new guidelines will also affect the Modified Assured Career Progression Scheme.

The government has also increased the Dearness Allowance by three percent. The Railway Ministry has also formed a committee to include new categories in the Risk and Hardship Allowance and the retirement age for employees from the rank of Constable to commandment has been increased from 57 to 60 years. This is good news for all employees, but it’s important to keep in mind that these changes will affect the government’s ability to raise salaries.

Benefits To Employees

A major benefit of the 7th Pay Commission is that it does not determine an employee’s status based on their grade pay but rather by their level in the new pay matrix. The 7th Pay Commission also ensures that employees who are hospitalized for illness will receive full pay. By implementing the new guidelines, the government has aimed to remove any form of discrimination from its system. The 7th Pay Commission has also recommended that all employees receive a Fitment Factor of 2.57. The dearness allowance is now 7 percent, up from five percent.

The increase in Dearness Allowance has a profound impact on employees. It makes up a significant part of the salary of a central government employee. It helps them compensate for the inflationary impact on their salary. The increase in Dearness Allowance will benefit nearly fifty-four lakh government employees and 65 lakh, pensioners. In addition to the salary increase, the DA increases will bring in a larger percentage than the previous increases.

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In the meantime, the commission also recommended raising the fitment factor for all government employees. While the government has not announced a specific date for a hike in fitment factor, this is a hopeful sign for employees.

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