“Aaftab Poonawala Crushed Shraddha Walkar’s Bones In Blender,” Say Police

New Delhi: Aaftab Poonawala had utilized a marble cutting and crushing machine on the bones of live-in accomplice Shraddha Walkar prior to discarding them. Her head was arranged following three months, the chargesheet recorded for the situation has said. The 6,600-page chargesheet of Delhi’s famous cooler homicide case records grisly subtleties of the homicide and the removal of the body. In addition to other things, it likewise specifies that on May 18, in the wake of killing Shraddha, Poonawala had eaten on a chicken roll brought from Zomato.
Shraddha Walkar and Aaftab Poonawala had moved to Delhi in May last year, however the relationship was unstable and the two quarreled about different issues, including costs and various sweethearts of Aftaab. He had sweethearts “as far as possible from Delhi to Dubai,” the chargesheet makes reference to.

On May 18, the two had plans to go to Mumbai, yet unexpectedly Aaftab Poonawala got the ticket dropped. It was trailed by one more battle about costs and without giving it much thought, Aaftab Poonawala choked her.

The chargesheet says he at first considered pressing the body in a plastic sack and discarding it. He had even purchased a pack, however dismissed the thought figuring he would get captured right away. At last, he chose to hack up the body and purchased a saw, a mallet and three blades.

Later he needed to utilize a blow light, particularly to isolate the fingers.
The body was at long last slashed into 35 pieces and kept in the refrigerator. The chargesheet says Aaftab would remove the bundles from the refrigerator and keep them in the kitchen at whatever point his lady friends came visiting.

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