Aashka Goradia pens inspiring note on facing ‘new fears’ as she aces a pole workout

Aashka Goradia, who loves to challenge herself when it comes to fitness, recently set yet another goal — this time, with a pole workout. The actor-turned-entrepreneur posted a picture on Instagram in which she can be seen hanging upside down on the pole with both legs split — a signature pole workout move which requires immense hamstrings and quadriceps strength.

Take a look.

“When you realise your new fears – look into them and analyse why they come up the way they do. It’s usually our collection of memory of things/emotions we don’t want to deal with or a damage done long back. Former or latter – it can be addressed,” Goradia captioned the post using the hashtags pole, beginner, and strength.

“Address your fears – cause that’s the only way out – to actually go in,” she added.

Previously, the 36-year-old Kkusum actor had showed us how to swirl on a pole. In one of the videos, she was even seen wearing a pair of stilettos!

How do pole workouts help?

For advanced practitioners, pole workouts can help develop additional strength and challenge their aptitude for fitness.

It makes for a full body workout as it strengthens the upper body and core, and also improves flexibility in addition to burning calories, depending on the intensity of the workout.

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