After Mehbooba Mufti’s Little girl Approaches Court For Visa, Kashmir Police’s Answer

Srinagar: Looking for excusal of the writ request recorded by PDP president Mehbooba Mufti’s little girl for issuance of a visa, the criminal examination division wing of police has informed the High Court here that her last check report was sent to the concerned division last month.
Iltija,35, looked for the mediation of the Great Court in February, wherein she expressed that her visa was expected to lapse on January 2 and subsequently she had applied for a new one ahead of time on June 8, last year.

“The Identification according to the guidance manual is supposed to be dispatched inside around 30 days… the inaction is biased in nature and illegal,” she said in her writ request under the steady gaze of the court.

She said the visa is required quickly by her as she plans to apply for getting a graduate degree in maintainable improvement from outside the country.

In his reaction through the guidance, the Senior Director of Police (SSP), central command, CID J&K informed the court that the last visa check report in regard of the solicitor has been sent to the Provincial Identification Official, Srinagar on February 16.

“That the applicant has no ground to move toward the Court against the noting respondent since none of the right, whether major or legitimate, has been encroached by the noting respondent,” the official said in his answer.

He said the solicitor has wrongly impleaded the office as party respondent in the moment matter as the CID plays a simple educational part in the visa procedures and neither any alleviation has been or could be looked for from it.

“The noting respondents division (CID) principally is an insight wing of the public authority of J&K and plays a restricted part to the degree of tactfully checking the person/Predecessors of people on the suggestions of the able specialists. The job of CID closes when the report is sent,” he said.

The SSP informed the court that the CID has no right of choosing whether or not to give the identification, which is the sole space of visa specialists concerned having a legal command to that degree.

“The identification Specialists as semi legal specialists, choose the applications subsequent to directing request wherein reports are looked for from changed offices, including Police, CID and so on. The report of the CID has just an assistive and not conclusive job in such occasions. It is the watchfulness of the Identification Power to depend or not to depend on the report of the CID in light of its emotional fulfillment,” the official said.

He said “the disputes or grounds taken by the applicant hold no legitimacy such a long ways as the noting respondent has not committed any segregation or discretion to encroach the freedoms of the solicitor. The current writ request is dispossessed of legitimacy and merited being excused with costs.” Prior, in Walk 2021, Mehbooba and her kid mother Gulshan Nazir were denied a visa after J&K police went against refering to an “unfriendly report” against her.

Mehbooba’s visa lapsed on May 31, 2019 and she applied for a new identification on December 11, the following year, while her mom, the spouse of previous boss pastor Mufti Mohammad Sayeed applied for something very similar in 2020 to embrace a strict journey to Saudi Arabia.

Mehbooba’s identification application is as yet forthcoming however the specialists delivered the visa of her mom toward the beginning of February on the bearings of J&K High Court.

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