After Viral Video Of Official’s Exclamations Filled Tirade, What Nitish Kumar Said

Patna: Bihar Boss Priest Nitish Kumar has requested an examination after a senior official was gotten on camera obnoxiously mishandling a lesser official waiting on the post trial process.
In the video shared generally via online entertainment, Indian Regulatory Help (IAS) official KK Pathak is seen throwing exclamations at the lesser official during a survey of his specialization.

Mr Pathak’s fury was purportedly set off by input shared on his treatment of his lesser.

“The video has circulated around the web. We are investigating it. Everybody including the Central Secretary is investigating it. We will research the occurrence,” Mr Kumar told journalists today.

The Bihar Authoritative Help Affiliation has censured Mr Pathak’s lead and requested his terminating.

“Individuals here have barely any clue. In Chennai, individuals keep guidelines. Have you seen anybody keeping traffic guidelines here? They even continue to blare even at a red light,” Mr Pathak, Head Secretary of the Disallowance Division, is heard saying at a gathering of officials.

The objective of his resentment, a Representative Gatherer, is seen attempting to apologize however Mr Pathak is relentless. “Presently I will show them…I have been here 32 years,” he said, likewise going after the Bihar officials’ body for grumbling against him.

Reports say Mr Pathak was unglued about a protest recorded against him for abusing the Representative Gatherer during preparing. The objection was recorded by the Bihar government in Gaya in November.

Bihar Extract and Enrollment (Denial) Pastor Sunil Kumar said disciplinary move will be initiated against Mr Pathak.

A 1990-clump IAS official, Mr Pathak was delegated Extra Boss Secretary at the Restriction and Extract Division in 2020 after he got back from focal nomination.

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