Ajax Amsterdam-Groningen Dutch association conflict canceled following nine minutes after smoke bombs tossed onto pitch

Amsterdam: The Dutch association conflict between Ajax Amsterdam and as of now consigned Groningen was stopped and afterward canceled with just nine minutes on the clock, after firecrackers were two times tossed onto the pitch on Sunday.

In the 6th moment of the conflict in Groningen smoke bombs were tossed onto the field. Not long from now a while later, an ally ran onto the pitch with a pennant requiring the ouster of the Groningen board, which saw the ref take the two groups off the pitch.

At the point when they returned, smoke bombs were tossed once more, prompting the match being canceled, in accordance with new Dutch football rules acquired before a month ago.

It followed swarm savagery in the Dutch Cup semi-last among Feyenoord and Ajax Amsterdam toward the beginning of April when a cigarette lighter tossed from the group hit Ajax midfielder Davy Klaassen and cut his head, creating an extended setback to the match.

The Dutch football affiliation then concluded that all matches would be halted right away assuming a player or match official was hit by an item from the group.

They additionally concluded that assuming an item is tossed from the patios yet misses, play will be briefly halted with the players shipped off the changing areas. On the off chance that exactly the same thing happens a subsequent time, the match is to be quickly halted.

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The new rules have done practically nothing to stop a developing issue for the Dutch game. Three first class matches on Friday and Saturday were briefly stopped in light of articles tossed onto the field.

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