Apple Has Crossed a Billion Active iPhones Globally: Above Avalon Report

Apple features a billion active iPhone users globally, consistent with Above Avalon, a crowd-funded platform that has been tracking and analysing Apple. The Cupertino giant reached the milestone last month and it took the corporate 13 years to succeed in now since the launch of the primary iPhone back in 2007. The report by the crowd-funded platform states that as per estimates, Apple may reach 250 million sales in Q4 2021 which at the instant is about 200 million per a three-month period.

The analysis was administered by Above Avalon that was founded by analyst Neil Cybart. It states that 13 years after happening sale, “the iPhone remains the perennial hottest and best-selling smartphone.” In early 2019, iPhone unit sales on a trailing twelve months basis dropped by about 12 percent compared to 2018 and went from 218 million to 191 million. But, within the last half of 2019 and therefore the beginning of 2020, the iPhone business experienced a gradual improvement with unit sales reaching above a 200 million annual pace.

The report points out that over the years the amount of individuals who are upgrading their iPhones has been steadily increasing as compared to the amount of individuals who are buying their first iPhone. In FY 2020, new iPhone users have declined and account for fewer than 20 percent of overall iPhone sales, which is an rock bottom for Apple.

Above Avalon uses a criteria called ‘iPhone installed base’ to form its analysis. It includes the entire number of individuals using an iPhone (both new and used iPhones). While Apple has not shared the newest development about iPhone users within the world, it did state that the iPhone installed base was quite 900 million iPhones by the top of FY Q1 2019. It also points out that iPhone installed base has grown annually and recently surpassed the 1 billion mark.

Apple still brings approximately 20 million to 30 million new iPhone users per annum , but the pace of growth within the iPhone installed base has slowed within the past years. this is often because Apple has “already successfully targeted the premium end of the smartphone market,” as per Above Avalon.

It also suggests that Apple should have three primary priorities for the longer term – push the boundaries of camera technology, increase the worth of owning an iPhone, and increase the amount of roles handled by the iPhone, which suggests taking over more functions that are typically done by laptops and desktops, along side adding entirely new functions.

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