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Apple’s Diwali offer: Get free AirPods with every iPhone 11 purchase

Apple Diwali Deal: Apple has announced that it will be providing iPhone 11 at a discounted price of Rs 53,400 along with pair of AirPods that normally cost around Rs 14,900.

Updated 12 October 2020 | 11:30 IST

With the onset of the festive season, several mobile manufacturers alongside e-commerce giants are gearing up to introduce a slew of exciting deals and large discounts on their products. With this, Apple is additionally able to usher in a number of the jaw-dropping deals on its products through its newly launched Apple online store in India.

Recently, Apple has announced on its website that it’ll be providing iPhone 11 at a reduced price of Rs 53,400 alongside a free pair of AirPods that normally cost around Rs 14,900. The offer will start from October 17 onwards and can be available on Apple’s online mercantile establishment only. As of now, this is often the only offer that’s available amid the festive season on the Apple store, while we eagerly await more enticing deals to form a buzz within the market.

Generally, the iPhone 11 costs Rs. 68,300 for its 64GB RAM variant but within the wake of the festive season both Apple, also as Amazon, are providing a huge price-cutting to the purchasers. additionally, Amazon has also listed iPhone 11 at Rs 49,999 which can be available from October 17 on its Great Indian Festival sale.

Provided that iPhone 11 is simply a year old and still promises to supply all the newest features that come adorn with iOS, these deals seem perfect for those that are looking forward to purchasing a brand-new Apple device.

Those who want to shop for an iPhone 11 alongside AirPods can definitely choose the Apple online sale while those that solely want to get just an iPhone can consider Amazon Great Indian Festival sale at a way lower cost.

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As far as iPhone 12 series cares, it’s confirmed to be launched on October 13th globally with an all-new lineup of devices consisting of iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max. All the phones are expected to return with a 5G support cladded within the ceramic glass panel.

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