Apple’s first online retail store in India goes live

Apple’s first online store in India went live today. the corporate confirmed the launch last week and it is the first time the corporate has run a primary party retail network within the country. So far, sale of iPhones and other Apple products in India happened through third party distributors and resellers like Flipkart and Amazon.

With the online store, Apple customers in India can engrave specific products in six Indian languages, and English. the shop also allows users to customize Mac computers as per their requirements, a service that Apple hasn’t been ready to usher in the Indian market thus far .

Additionally, the Apple Store also will offer specialized support for Apple products in both Hindi and English. Apple’s newest products, including the Apple Watch SE and Apple Watch Series 6, also are being sold through the shop .

“One thing we’ve learned is once we enter the market with Apple Retail, all boats rise,” said Deirdre O’Brien, Senior vice chairman of Retail and other people at appApple, last week. “It creates tremendous interest in our products, which are available on our online store and thru our network of trusted resellers, allowing us to attach with our customers where they’re . As of today Apple Store Online is selling a good range of Apple products,” she added.

The store offers Apple’s complete range of products in India, and therefore the Apple One subscription-based services also will be offered later this year. the shop doesn’t offer third party products immediately , but an equivalent should be added in future.

Launching its online store should allow Apple more control over the retail experience, something the corporate is understood for globally. the corporate doesn’t own its own brick and mortar stores within the country, which further affects what proportion it can control its product flow within the market.

According to industry estimates, Apple owns only about 2% market share within the Indian market immediately . However, the corporate has gained from supply issues faced by its competition in India within the quarter ended June this year. The International Data Corporation (IDC), noted that Apple’s market share within the premium segment rose from 48.8% last year to 41.2% this year.

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