Apply ‘Tikait Formula’ In The Country, The Price Of 3 Quintals Of Wheat Should Be Equal To 1 Tole Of Gold?

In today's special program 'Sidhi Baat', Rakesh Tikait said that the price of 3 quintals of wheat (300 kg) should be equal to 1 tole (10 grams) of gold.

Updated 05 February 2021, 8:12 AM IST

Rakesh Tikait, who has become the biggest face of farmers in the middle of the movement, has given a big MSP statement. Rakesh Tikait has said in Aaj Tak’s special program ‘Sidhi Baat’ that Mahendra Tikait’s ‘Tikait formula’ should be implemented for MSP. Under the Tikait formula, he combined the price of wheat with that of gold and said that the rate at which the price of gold rises should increase at the same rate. Tikait in a direct conversation with senior journalist ‘Prabhu Chawla’ said that the cost of 3 quintals of wheat (300 kg) should be reduced to the equivalent of 1 tole (10 grams) of gold. Let us tell you that this special program of Aaj Tak ‘Sidhi Baat’ will be aired at 8 pm on Saturday, which you can see live on Aaj Tak’s website.

After the 26 January incident, the centre of the farmer’s movement has shifted from the Singhu border to the Ghazipur border. The leader of which is unannounced and declared Mahendra Tikait’s son ‘Rakesh Tikait’. In such a situation, his statement about MSP carries a lot of weight.

In Aaj Tak’s’ Sidhi Baat ‘program, farmer leader’ Rakesh Tikait ‘said,’ Mahendra Tikait’s formula should be implemented regarding MSP. In 1967, the Government of India had fixed the MSP. The price of wheat continued to be Rs 76 per quintal, the primary school teacher’s salary was 70 rupees per month, the teacher could not buy 1 quintal of wheat from one month’s salary, we At the cost of 1 quintal of wheat, you could buy two and a half thousand bricks of the kiln. Then there were 1 thousand bricks of 30 rupees. ”

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Rakesh Tikait further said, “Then the gold price was 200 rupees per tola, which could be purchased from three quintals of wheat. Please give us 1 quintal of gold instead of three quintals of wheat, and prices should be fixed accordingly. As much as the price and things increase, the cost of wheat should also increase.

When Rakesh Tikait was asked whether he was a farmer or a leader, he replied, “I grow sugarcane.” The tractor is fond of driving; the leaders live in flashing houses. Sleep in velvet. I drive a tractor all day during the sowing days; there is no intention of contesting further. ”

Rakesh Tikait further said that the deficit cultivation in the country should be stopped. The government should guarantee MSP ‘. Rakesh Tikait was asked whether he believed in the Prime Minister or not, and the Prime Minister has said that he was only one call away from the farmers. Then what is the problem then, while answering this question, Rakesh Tikait said, “We believe in the Prime Minister, that’s why we are sitting.” The Prime Minister says to talk on a call; we do not know what their number is. Please give us the number which is the Prime Minister’s number.”

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