Are electric bikes or E-bikes good for exercise?

Yes. But you’ve no doubt landed here wanting a bit more than that, so let’s delve a little deeper. The main question you need to be asking yourself is: how much exercise do you want to do?

Adding more power with a powerful motor to a bike can provide more support to the rider, the best way to make it a workout. And one of the great things about an e-bike is precisely that: if you don’t want to get sweaty and tired – and on the daily commute, there are lots of people who don’t – then you don’t need to: the motor is there to take the strain and get you to where you’re going without too much effort.  It takes less effort. But on the other hand, it’s not an effort, which is more or less what you’d be asking of yourself if you drove to where you were going.

A recent study by the University of Colorado found that when sedentary commuters – individuals who traveled to and from the office in their cars – switched to an e-bike, they saw marked improvements in their cardiovascular health, an increase in their aerobic capacities and an improvement in the control of their blood sugar. They got healthier.

Electric bikes are good for you. Some e-bikes can be a good option to add a bit of a workout! Maybe, but one difference between riding an e-bike and riding a standard bike is the luxury of choice. Most motor systems have multiple levels of assistance, from a gentle push to a hearty shove.

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So, on the way down to work you might be in your formal clothes and wanting to stay fresh: pick a high assistance level and let the bike do the lion’s share of the work. On the way back? You might fancy a longer loop, and you can shower when you get home, so you could change into something a bit sportier and knock the bike back a couple of notches to get yourself glowing. It’s up to you: you can choose exactly how much you want to do yourself. It’s very liberating.

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