‘Asked doc if my breasts are going to look the same’: Chhavi Mittal’s emotional struggle with cancer

The actor said her “biggest concern” was, “What is the quality of my life going to be like after cancer?”

“I woke one morning, went to the gym — did my pulls up and chin-ups, went to the office, attended to my kids, and did everything until I found out that I had cancer,” actor Chhavi Mittal said while recalling her cancer journey. The actor was diagnosed with breast cancer in April and since then she has candidly shared every bit of her physical struggles and her recovery journey on social media.

Saying that “it is also important for [her] to share what [she has] gone through emotionally”, the actor said in one of her YouTube videos: “Today I will talk about the emotional struggle I went through when I was diagnosed with cancer and some struggles I am still going through.”

Sharing her thoughts, Mittal said, “When anybody comes to know about an illness like cancer, there are a lot of thoughts that come to their mind, [but their first reaction] “that I have noticed, is panic.”

Recalling her experience she added that the “most important thing is that life should get saved,” because needless to say, “cancer is a life-threatening disease.” “In my case, I did not panic,” she said, adding, “I looked at it as a problem for which we need to find a solution.”

After her diagnosis, she talked to a doctor about her cancer, its type, stage, grade, treatment, and surgeries after which, “I knew that whatever happens, I will recover from cancer.” The doctor informed her that after the surgery, another biopsy will be done to decide if she will be given chemotherapy.

But her “biggest concern” was, “what is the quality of my life going to be like after cancer?”

Being a fitness enthusiast the actor loves “gym, lifting weights being fit, and being able to use my body to the best of its abilities”, and did not want to give up on any of it. She said she asked a lot of questions to her doctor but most importantly — “I asked him, ‘Am I going to look the same? Are my breasts going to look the same?’”

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Before her surgery, Chhavi was scared, but post it, “I was super confident that the worst is over,” she said.

“I knew if I will stay positive I will recover fast,” she said adding, “because I take care of my physical and mental health my recovery will be good.”

The actor also said “no matter how tough the fight is,” one can “survive and emerge victorious”.

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