Attempt ‘chickpea tikki burgers’ for supper this evening (recipe inside)

A heavenly dinner toward the day’s end can illuminate your state of mind. It makes the experience surprisingly better on the off chance that the feast is mixed with a smidgen of solid fixings. In that capacity, to improve your Tuesday, here’s a basic and speedy recipe from Culinary expert Meghna Kamdar. As a matter of fact, she shared that it is her go-to nibble with a solid bend.

Taking to Instagram, the culinary master shared the recipe for ‘high protein chickpea tikki burger’ that makes certain to welcome a grin all over. “My fast and solid High Protein Chickpea Tikki Burger,” she subtitled the post.


For chickpea tikki


1 cup – Doused chickpeas
2 – Finely slashed garlic cloves
2-3 – Green chillies
A little bundle of spring onions with greens
A major pack of slashed coriander
1.5 tsp – Cumin seeds
½ tsp – Baking powder and salt
2 tbsp – Besan or chickpea flour

For hummus

½ cup – Pre-bubbled chickpeas
2 tbsp – Tahini
White sesame seeds
2 tbsp – Curd
1 tsp – Garlic, slashed
Simmered cumin powder
1 – Lime (squeezed)


For chickpea tikki

*In a blender container, add 1 cup doused chickpeas.
*Add two finely slashed garlic cloves, 2-3 green chilies, a little pack of spring onions with greens, hacked coriander, 1.5 teaspoon of cumin seeds, ½ teaspoon baking powder, and salt.
*Coarsely grind them all.
*Take it out in the bowl, add two tablespoon besan (delicately dry simmered) and make decent tikki. “Don’t bother profound searing, simply shallow or air fry them,” she said.

For hummus

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*In a little container, take ½cup delicate pre-bubbled chickpeas.
*Two spoons of tahini.
*Dry dish white sesame seeds and stir them in a mixie, add two tablespoon curd.
*Add one teaspoon cleaved garlic, salt, broiled cumin powder, and lime juice. Mix

*Presently, apply it on barbecued burger buns. Make burger with lettuce leaves, onion, tomatoes and the high protein nutritious tikkis,” said Kamdar.

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