Ayurveda Alert: Why you Should Keep Away from These Normal Food Mixes

Eating the right food sources keeps us satisfied as well as helps fuel the body. In any case, when we consolidate some unacceptable food sources that are not viable, we may frequently wind up with stomach related inconveniences. That is on the grounds that, Ayurveda orders each food as having a specific structure, quality, inner temperature, and explicit activities when it enters the body and furthermore when it is processed, read Dr Rekha Radhamony, an Ayurvedic master, post on Instagram.

“This large number of boundaries conclude whether a food is edible or toxic, sustaining or non-supporting and on the off chance that it helps in the development or does the inverse,” she added.

Thusly, Dr Rekha recorded some normal food blends that are not great for stomach related wellbeing. “These are 100 percent non-Ayurvedic blends that ought to be kept away from assuming you wish to have great processing and lessen poisonousness (ama),” she proceeded.

A portion of these mixes include:

*Milk with new natural products other than banana
*Cold food blended in with hot food
*Cheddar with organic products
*Wheat and sesame oil
*Chicken with yogurt
*Having hot beverages just after liquor, honey and curd/yogurt
*Banana blended in with yogurt
*Milk and jaggery. “Adding jaggery as a sugar to make it ‘sound’ may not be so good for your processing,” she cautioned.

Dr Anshu Vatsyan, an Ayurveda master, that Ayurveda arranges food blends as viable and inconsistent. “Natural products, particularly citrus organic products like strawberries, grapes, oranges, amla, and so on, ought not be taken with milk or yogurt. This is on the grounds that this mix can prompt gastritis and a large group of other stomach medical problems,” she said.

Also, one ought to try not to polish off non-veggie lover food things with milk and yogurt ought to be kept away from around evening time, Dr Vatsyan added.

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Dr Ruchi Soni, Sustenance and Diet Master, ToneOp, as well, shared that “there are numerous food blends that we have been savoring yet their utilization can really hurt our body“.

*Adding turmeric to chai or having turmeric-rich food things with tea can demonstrate hurtful to the body. Turmeric contains curcumin, while tea has tannin and the mix of both together may lead to gastric issues like corrosiveness or stoppage.

*Many individuals love banana shakes, yet according to Ayurveda, banana and milk together is a terrible mix and can influence your processing as well as irritate respiratory problems like sinus, cold and hack.
*We as a whole love palak paneer however spinach and paneer are not a solid mix. Spinach or palak is wealthy in iron and paneer is wealthy in calcium. At the point when these two food things are eaten together, calcium represses the supplement retention of iron.

*Organic products are retained rapidly, going through the stomach and afterward assimilated in the digestion tracts. At the point when these organic products are joined with grains, meats or dried items, they can remain in the gastrointestinal system excessively lengthy and start to mature. This can make harm the walls of your digestive tract among different issues.

*Fish and milk ought not be polished off together on the grounds that two proteins ought to be painstakingly joined in the food. Every sort of protein takes as much time as necessary to process. Milk and fish are the two proteins, and consolidating both can prompt the arrangement of Aama, or undigested food particles in the body.

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