Believe in yourself and never let people’s opinions influence you

"It's not going to be easy. My journey was difficult. There were a lot of stops. I started believing in myself and it made the difference," said Sahla Parveen, a trainer

Sahla Parveen, a trainer, did not have it easy. She had her share of ups and downs but she did not let obstacles deter her from what she wanted to achieve. In this video, she shared her journey of becoming a trainer from an average student.

“I struggled throughout my teenage and was an average student,” she said. One day, she chanced upon the book Alchemist which changed her life. A girl who “struggled as a teenager” realised that if she can visualise a dream then she can make it happen as well.

“My thought process started changing. Following this, books became my best friend. I started reading about everything including mind, heart, love, religion, and anything that I felt to read,” she said.

The actual transformation happened when she attended a session. Post-session she felt so passionate to talk about it that she asked her college’s dean if she could take a session.

“I was so happy and started to speak from my heart. I somehow managed to complete the 45 minutes and I’m like this is the last session I’m going to ever take in my life,” she said.

But, when students applauded her for the session, she “started feeling wonderful” and that is how her career as a trainer began.

“There was an organisation that was looking for trainers. I went for their interview. But, at the end of the interview, the interviewer told me my performance is good but no one is going to listen to a 23-year-old girl,” she added.

Left heartbroken after the interview, she did not give up.

“You are never too young to start teaching or never too old to stop learning. Someone’s opinion about you does not have to become your reality” — this helped her sail through and the same organisation which rejected her invited her to become the trainer post her interview to a TV channel which went viral. Sahla, however, founded her own organisation.

“It’s not going to be easy. My journey was difficult. There were a lot of stops. There were a lot of no. But it was okay. I started believing in myself and it made the difference,” she said.

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