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Bhagyashree reminisces about her ‘bachpan ke din’; shares the many benefits of eating imli

Bhagyashree, who regularly shares health, fitness and skincare tips on her social media account, once again took to Instagram to share the health benefits of a tropical fruit that she has childhood memories associated with.

Wondering what is it? It’s imli, a flavourful sour fruit that we all have devoured during our childhood.

Sharing a video of her enjoying an imli (tamarind), the Maine Pyar Kiya actor wrote, “I love eating imli..bachpan ke din yaad aate hein. (sic)”

Check out the video.

Did you know that tamarind is not just a delicious fruit but also has various health benefits? The actor also listed a few such benefits of eating tamarind, that is usually consumed during winters.

It is “high on iron, magnesium and calcium. It is an excellent way to prevent fragile bones,” she wrote.

Also, “it is an excellent way to prevent fragile bones,” Bhagyashree wrote. “Packed with vitamin C, A and flavonoids, it helps to boost your immunity too.”

Prior to this, celebrity nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar, too, had called tamarind one of the “divine delicacies of winter”. “A great digestive, even the seeds make for a smashing drink when mixed with buttermilk,” Diwekar wrote.

Nutritionist Karishma Shah said, “Like any fruit, the pulp of the tamarind has a lot of health benefits.” Further, she shared a few important ways tamarind benefits your health.

*It is rich in Vitamin C. “If you can’t consume citrus fruits like amla and oranges, you can eat tamarind as it has a lot of medicinal properties,” the nutritionist said.

*For people with digestive issues, tamarind is beneficial as it has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. “It is fantastic for your gut health.”

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*Along with being a rich source of Vitamin C, Vitamin K, Vitamin B6, folates, Vitamin B5 and Selenium, it is a storehouse of essential micro-minerals like magnesium, potassium, iron, etc.

*If you consume tamarind once or twice a day, it is great for your immune health.

*It is also good for diabetics as it helps in the reduction of insulin levels.

*If you have flu, cough or cold, tamarind pulp benefits your health.

*It’s a great source of magnesium, especially for women who generally have a deficit of this important mineral.

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