Bhagyashree stresses on the importance of natural moisturisers: ‘Regular care can make you look youthful’

"For younger looking skin, we have to take care of it..." wrote Bhagyashree

There is a reason Bhagyashree continues to enjoy healthy skin at the age of 53 when the skin usually begins to lose its elasticity and starts to sag.

The actor and skincare enthusiast posted a video on her YouTube channel — which was also shared on her Instagram account — in which she spilled some skincare secrets. She was joined by Dr Swati Srivastava of Sketch Clinic, who decoded some secrets on how to look youthful using natural ingredients.

Dr Srivastava said, “age and skin are not directly proportional to each other” and that one has to take care of the skin they are blessed with. Just because someone is young, it does not mean they will have glowing skin.

She added that one needs to stay hydrated for healthy skin, while Bhagyashree added that one also must eat healthy foods.

Natural ways of moisturising the skin

The actor said there are people who use milk and honey, oats, turmeric and besan on their skin, to which the doctor said they are all “good remedies”. “You can use them. Milk has lactic acid…it exfoliates the skin and the skin which comes after it is good. But, if you are going towards exfoliation, [do it] once a week,” Dr Srivastava said, adding that it is not wise to scrub the face too much.

“When you dry your face too much, the skin takes revenge and starts producing more oil,” she added.

The doctor also said that milk and honey help with hydration and can be used as often as one would like. “Aloe vera is a beautiful moisturiser and I cannot stress less about hydrating and moisturising your skin — it is the most important part [of skincare routine].”

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She advised moisturising even for people who have oily skin. Such people can opt for water-based moisturisers, while those with dry skin can choose cream-based ones.

Bhagyashree summarised the points in her Instagram post, writing: “For younger looking skin, we have to take care of it… it’s not the passing years, but the regular care that can make you look youthful.”

1. Using a pack of milk and honey is good. Lactic acid in milk is good for your skin.
2. Exfoliation should be done just once a week.
3. Moisturising is important, even if you have oily skin… just use a water-based product.

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