Bharat Biotech releases risks, benefits of Covaxin, asks pregnant women to avoid dose

Bharat Biotech has released a fact sheet on the risks and benefits of the coronavirus vaccine 'Covaxin' a few days after the nationwide vaccination drive was launched. Bharat Biotech's fact sheet has advised pregnant or breastfeeding women, besides people with high fever or bleeding disorders, not to take the vaccine.

Updated: January 19, 2021 12:16 IST

Bharat Biotech has delivered a reality sheet on the dangers and advantages of the Covid antibody ‘Covaxin’ a couple of days after the cross country immunization drive was dispatched. Bharat Biotech’s reality sheet has exhorted pregnant or breastfeeding ladies, other than individuals with high fever or draining problems, not to take the immunization.

In its reality sheet, Bharat Biotech says in the progressing clinical preliminary, Covaxin, its Covid immunization, created invulnerability against the contamination following two portions given a month separated. Covaxin is an antibody with endorsement for limited use in crisis circumstances that may forestall Covid-19.

Be that as it may, Bharat Biotech stated, the clinical adequacy of Covaxin is “yet to be set up” as it is as yet being concentrated in stage 3. While the immunization produced invulnerability against Covid-19 however accepting it, Bharat Biotech stated, “doesn’t mean different insurances identified with Covid-19 need not be followed”.

Bharat Biotech likewise recorded the dangers/results of Covaxin. These include: “Infusion site torment, site growing, site redness, site tingling, solidness in the upper arm, shortcoming in infusion arm, body hurt, cerebral pain, fever, disquietude, shortcoming, rashes, queasiness, heaving.”

“These may not be all the conceivable results of the Bharat Biotech Covid-19 antibody (Covaxin). Genuine and surprising results may happen. Bharat Biotech Covid-19 antibody is as yet being concentrated in clinical preliminaries,” the reality sheet expressed.


Bharat Biotech’s reality sheet on Covid-19 antibody Covaxin has exhorted pregnant or breastfeeding ladies and individuals with high fever to not take the immunization.

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“You ought not get Bharat Biotech’s Covid antibody Covaxin in the event that you have any set of experiences of hypersensitivities. Have a high fever. Have a draining problem or are a blood more slender. Resistant traded off or are medication that influences your safe framework. Are pregnant. Are breastfeeding. Have gotten another Covid-19 antibody. Some other genuine wellbeing related issues, as dictated by the vaccinator/Officer overseeing inoculation,” the reality sheet said.

The reality sheet likewise requested that individuals educate the vaccinator or a regulating official about their ailment prior to taking the immunization.

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