Bhopal: Cockroach between husband and wife, till divorce reached

Bhopal:  A bizarre case has come to light in Bhopal, the capital of Madhya Pradesh. After marriage here, a wife became so afraid of cockroaches that her husband had to change 18 houses in three years. The husband, who felt embarrassed among family and friends because of frequent change of house, is now thinking of divorcing his wife. The young man is a software engineer. According to reports, the couple got married in the year 2017. After marriage, the young man first finds out that his wife is afraid of cockroaches but initially finds this a normal thing.

Wife afraid

of cockroaches, after seeing cockroaches in the kitchen, his wife shouts and asks for help and refuses to enter the kitchen. Many times the wife screamed so much that it scared the other members of the family. Since then, she has been insisting on changing the house. Fearing cockroaches, the couple first changed their house in the year 2018, but the process of changing their house did not end here. So far, the couple has changed homes 18 times.

The wife is also treated in AIIMS,

The husband says that he has treated his wife with many private psychiatrists including AIIMS but she refuses to eat the medicines given by the doctors. At the same time, the wife says that her husband does not understand her problems. The wife alleges that by giving the medicine, the husband wants to declare her mentally ill. To preserve their marriage, the couple also took service of the BHAI Welfare Society. The founder of this institution, Zaki Ahmed, counseled both of them, but this counseling also went in vain.

The husband, who is thinking of divorcing,

said to be feeling embarrassed and tired of constantly changing the house and the boy. Fed up, the husband has now made up his mind to seek legal aid and file an application for divorce.

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