Bimbisara trailer: Nandamuri Kalyan Ram’s movie looks like a tackier version of Magadheera

The trailer of Bimbisara, starring Nandamuri Kalyan Ram in the lead role, was released on Monday. At first glance, the film seems to be riffing off on everything that director SS Rajamouli has done so far.

The trailer introduces us to Emperor Bimbisara who seems to have ruled his lands with an iron fist. Bimbisara has all the tendencies of a megalomaniac as we hear him saying, “I am the God and I’m the devil.” But, the story is not just about a king who lived several hundred years ago. The film is also set in modern times. The king is reincarnated as a suit-wearing rich man. Also, there is a deluded villain who nurtures the ambition of making the world bow at his feet. And the conflict between two inflated egos plays out in true SS Rajamouli style. The reincarnation, the evil tantric, the muscular villain and the hero who wants to fight 100 people on any given afternoon – alas, Bimbisara, more or less, looks like a tackier version of Magadheera. Only, the makers of Bimbisara seem to have not held back on doubling down on the blood, gore and violence purely for the sake of guilt-free entertainment.

Bimbisara is written and directed by Vashist. The movie also stars Catherine Tresa, Samyuktha Menon, Warina Hussain, Vennela Kishore, Brahmaji and Srinivasa Reddy.

Bimbisara is due in cinemas on August 5.

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