BJP largest party in Bihar trends, NDA surpasses majority

This time in Bihar, whose public will rule, the picture of it is going to be clear today. People will show confidence in Nitish Kumar, who has been sitting at the helm of power for a long time, or the young Tejashwi Yadav will become the new big boss of the state. The entire nation is eyeing these results.

The people of the state have registered their mandate in the voting machines for the Bihar assembly elections 2020. Now is the time for the results of the mandate to bloom. Whose part is fragrance and who will get thorns… These trends have started coming now. The NDA seems to get a majority in the trends so far, while the BJP is emerging as the largest party.

This is the first election of the country in the Corona era. Bihar is considered to be the third most important election for the Hindi belt after general elections and Uttar Pradesh assembly elections. That is why a large number of people came out, rallies and votes were cast in the midst of courage and daring. Now is the time for counting. It is to be seen that the ba in the heart of Bihar.

In Bihar, there was a thorny battle of Mahagathbandhan vs NDA. Today’s mandate will not only decide on the Nitish Kumar government of the last 15 years in Bihar, but it will also bring a special message for the politics of Bihar because the new generation has directly challenged a rising generation of politics in Bihar and the public Choose your future between the new and the old.

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