‘Bowl inswinging yorker to Rohit Sharma, you will get him out’: Ramiz Raja recalls his chat with Babar Azam

Ramiz Raja explains how he planned the wicket of Rohit Sharma with Babar Azam before in the last year's T20 World Cup in Dubai.

Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Chairman Ramiz Raja revealed how he planned Rohit Sharma’s wicket with Babar Azam ahead of the last year’s T20 World Cup in Dubai.

“Babar Azam was here with the Chief Selector before leaving for the World Cup, and I asked him what are your plans against India,” Ramiz Raja said on a BBC podcast.

“I can tell you how to get rid of Rohit Sharma right now and Babar was intrigued.”

“I said get Shaheen Afridi bowling at 100mph, get a man at short-leg. Just bowl that inswinging yorker at 100mph and do not give him a single and keep him on strike. You will get him out,” recalled Ramiz.

Rohit Sharma was caught in front of middle stump and was dismissed on a golden duck. Pakistan wen ton end their winless streak against India in the ICC World Cup events by winning the match by ten wickets.

In less than two weeks’ time the arch-rivals will again be up against each other at the Melbourne Cricket Ground on October 23 in this year’s T20 World Cup.

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