Brad Pitt Opens Up About Face-Blindness, Says “Nobody Believes Me”

Brad Pitt has recently claimed that he may be suffering from “undiagnosed face-blindness” due to which he finds it difficult to “remember people” after meeting them at social parties. The 58-year-old Hollywood star opened up about his possible medical condition, and the impact it may have on his reputation, in an interview with GQ.

The Mr and Mrs Smith actor has never been formally diagnosed with prosopagnosia – a condition where you cannot recognise people’s faces. But he revealed that he has difficulty remembering new people and recognising their faces, especially in social settings such as parties.

This limitation worries Mr Pitt. Speaking to the outlet, he said that he believes that his condition may leave those he meets with a negative impression and a reputation that he is “remote and aloof, inaccessible, self-absorbed”. Nevertheless, Mr Pitt went on to clarify that he is not standoffish, rather he wants to remember the people he meets and is “ashamed” when he cannot.

According to the Independent, the National Health Service (NHS) states that developmental prosopagnosia, which impacts individuals who have not suffered brain damage, may impact as many as one in 50 people. The condition often affects people from birth, and typically remains a problem for life. A brain injury or stroke can also lead to the development of prosopagnosia, with this disorder characterised as acquired prosopagnosia.

Speaking to GQ, Mr Pitt acknowledged that “nobody believes” him when he discusses his possible medical condition. “Nobody believes me!” he said, adding that he wants to meet another person who suffers from the condition.

The actor also revealed that he suffered for years with “low-grade depression” and that he only recently discovered joy recently. According to him, the change is partly due to a “greater embrace” of his friends and family.

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