BTS’ V wants to live in another country, Park Seo-joon reveals work doesn’t excite him anymore. Watch video

In the upcoming episode of In The Soop: Friendcation, Park Seo-joon will express his exhaustion with his life and career, while his Wooga Squad including BTS’ V (born Kim Taehyung), Park Hyung-sik, Peakboy and Choi Woo-shik listen to him and share their own feelings.

In the new promo, the Wooga squad discuss their bucket list, and Park Hyung-sik reveals he wants to do skydiving once in his life. Park Seo-joon, who is one of the most bankable stars in South Korea, opens up about his bucket list and says, “There is nothing I want to do these days. Everything is work now. I keep thinking, I didn’t have to work so hard to be happy, so why did I grit my teeth so hard? I keep thinking that. Doing shoots is still fun, but I no longer feel the excitement I used to feel. I just feel so conflicted. But I do think some level of detachment is needed… It’s like my acting career and life are entering a new phase.” Peakboy explains the importance of resting, while the others listen. During the course of the conversation, V also mentions that he would like to live in another country too, as part of his bucket list.

In The Soop: Friendcation is a spin-off from the original reality show that had earlier starred BTS and Seventeen. In the new show, five of the biggest stars from South Korea, who are also close friends go off on a trip together. In the previous episode, the Wooga Squad as they’re termed, went deep-sea fishing and had some confidential conversations by the fireside at night, revealing their first impressions of each other and discussing their close friendship. Park Hyung-sik, V, and Park Seo-joon had earlier worked together in Hwarang, while Choi Woo-shik and Park Seo-joon had starred together in Fight For Your Way.

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In The Soop: Friendcation streams on Disney Plus Hotstar.

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