Cezanne Khan says he is okay with the Anurag label: ‘Why do I break it? Mehnat ki hai maine’

Cezanne Khan, known for playing Anurag in Kasautii Zindagii Kay, is back on television. The actor plays the lead in Sony TV’s Apnapan, a show that talks about an estranged couple reuniting for the sake of their children. Sharing that he is excited about getting back to the grind, Khan added that it’s no more a taboo to play a father on screen.

“There is a slight scepticism of course, but I think it was years back that people would box you in father roles. Otherwise, things have changed and today people can be anyone they want to be. Tags and stereotyping don’t work. Audiences have become smarter and nobody cares,” he said in a chat with indianexpress.com.

The actor also discussed how people still remember him as ‘Anurag’ from Kasautii Zindagi Kay, adding that he is okay with the label. “People keep telling me you need to break the tag but why? Maine mehnat kari hai uss character pe (I have worked hard on that role). Very rarely do we get a chance to build such strong roles. I have always been proud of it and I have no issues if people still recognise me as Anurag. That part also opened many doors for me. It also brought so much love from the audience.”

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When asked if it hurts that none of his other work managed to stand at par, Cezanne smiled to say, “Honestly, I don’t think that way. I have always taken each day as it comes. I don’t worry about success and failures, as it’s just a part of life.” He added that he never sought Bollywood or even the social media craze because of his beliefs. “Reality shows have always been a big no-no for me. As for films, I did get a few offers but things didn’t work out, and I am fine with it. Today, people tell me you need to be on social media. But I am getting work without that too. So how does it all matter?”

Given he’s back in the industry after a break (he was last seen in Shakti), we quizzed him on the changes he’s seeing around him. Sharing that while a lot hasn’t changed, the technology has definitely become better. “Earlier we had just one camera, and we had to shoot every scene multiple times from different angles. Now, we have a three-camera setup and everything happens right on the set. Ab to slow-mo bhi on set create hojata hai (we can create slow-mo videos on set only). The quality of cinema has also improved for the better.”

Now that audiences are consuming content across the globe, thanks to OTT, we wondered if TV content too needs to change with time. “You and I may feel so, or people who are staying in the urban areas. But what about our mothers, who still prefer watching their daily dose of shows. I go back home to see my mom glued to the TV. Even in rural cities, people enjoy this form of content, and that’s the strength of the medium. OTT shows and films will have their own audience, but TV will never go missing.”

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As Cezanne Khan opens up about getting married soon to his long-time girlfriend, he said that love knows no age or time. “I don’t think it has timing. Love is a beautiful thing and when you meet the right person, everything just falls in place. It’s like heaven.”

On a final note, we discussed how the actor was embroiled in a controversy where a woman from the UK had accused him of being married to him. The actor was alleged to have cheated her of money and then abandoned her. Without revealing much, Cezanne said that all this doesn’t affect him or his image. “I am a person who doesn’t care about these things. Yes, it may be a big issue for some but for me, mujhe koi fark nahi padhta. I know myself, and my loved ones know me. Rest whatever people have to say, I don’t worry about it.”

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