Cheating Customers Make Arbitrary Money with Them

IndoSpares is involved in the illegal activities of cheating customers who come here to repair their television. They harass their customers and serve their customers poorly. On complaining, they shout at them and do not accept their mistakes, and it is necessary to alert such shopkeepers so that in future others will learn from this news and learn about it. Shakti Khand – 1 is located in Indirapuram.

Listen To the Entire Incident in Customer’s own Words – 

“I took my TV from home. He had said 3000 charges; he was talking about the problem of the panel. Then slowly those rates keep on increasing, and 4000 to 5000 charges start speaking to me. Then he came to the house and said that 8000 would be charged, while he made the TV more useless. I turned them on, they turned on the whole TV black screen, and they turned the entire TV black screen and said that now this TV will not be good and I have been working for a long time, spoiled my work and made rounds. But he also threatened that nothing will happen now. “

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