Chelsea an illustration of how to deal with player pregnancies, says Melanie Leupolz

Chelsea midfielder Melanie Leupolz has only acclaim for her club after the help they gave during her pregnancy, including employing experts for preparing.

Players in the English Ladies’ Super Association get maternity cover as a feature of an understanding between the Football Affiliation and Expert Footballers Affiliation that became effective from the 2022-23 season.

“Chelsea were doing significantly more than they needed to do and that is the reason I’m truly grateful,” Leupolz told Sky Sports. “Emma has a kid herself and she knows what’s significant.

“We had a make up for lost time like clockwork, discussed my preparation program, what I was doing in Germany and after birth, how I can return to my solidarity and wellness.

“Different clubs ought to accept Chelsea as an icon and pose inquiries about how we did it in light of the fact that, in my experience, they were super.”

Hayes asked Ladies’ Super Association clubs to offer more help to players who are moms.

“On the off chance that a player tears a leg tendon, you do all that could be within reach to get them back on the contribute nine to a year,” Hayes said.

“We ought to be the very same with a lady that has a child, yet we don’t. I think we need to ask ourselves all the more genuinely for what reason that is.

“We (Chelsea) value driving the manner in which in numerous ways and I realize the task we’ve finished with Melanie is the best we could,” she added.

“At the point when you look on the web, there’s no data about competitors who are getting pregnant and conceiving an offspring and returning, so it was truly hard … . Yet, they offered an agreement straight away,” she said.

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Leupolz has shown up for Chelsea since conceiving an offspring in October and is planning to play for Germany at the current year’s Reality Cup in Australia and New Zealand.

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