China warns US against imposing ‘democratic ideals’ post Biden’s speech

Earlier, Biden also said that Washington would stand up to discriminatory trade practices and intellectual property theft

Published: Apr 29, 2021, 18:27 (IST)

China on Thursday warned the United States for “forcing other countries” to accept its democratic ideals after US President Joe Biden’s speech in which he criticised “autocrats”.

Biden, in his first address to Congress, said that the US was in competition with China, adding that “autocrats think democracies can’t compete”.

Responding to Biden’s speech, Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said that it was normal for both countries to compete in some fields.

“But this kind of competition should be a track and field race, not a duel to the death,” he added in a press briefing on Thursday as quoted by news agency AFP.

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He also warned that imposing other nations to “accept one’s democratic system… will only create divisions, intensify tension, and undermine stability.”

Earlier Biden also said that Washington would stand up to discriminatory trade practices and intellectual property theft.

However, the Chinese spokesperson slammed the US for “violating the market principle of fair competition” and “politicising” economy, trade and other issues, in a reference to the trade war.

The US president also said that the country welcomes competition and not eyeing conflict, to which even Wang said that, “China is committed to developing a relationship with the US-based on non-conflict and non-confrontation”.

Biden also said that he told Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping that Washington would continue to keep a strong military deployment in the Indo-Pacific to prevent conflict, to which China highlighted issues with this US approach.

China’s defence ministry spokesman Wu Qian on Thursday said that since Biden’s inauguration, there has been a 20 per cent increase in the frequency of US warships sent to the Chinese maritime region.

He added that the frequency of reconnaissance aircraft activity in the territory has also spiked by 40 per cent, adding that Beijing  “resolutely opposes this”.

“The US frequently sends warships and planes to carry out activities in maritime waters and airspace near China, advancing regional militarisation and threatening regional peace and stability,” the defence spokesperson said.


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