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Corona and soul searching

Times are hard, nowhere to go, no one to meet. Probably by now, Netflix has given up on you too. I urge you to answer the most important question of life “Why don’t you commit suicide?”

How about, you find the reason for your existence.Your purpose is your purpose,Nobody is gonna decide it for you.What ever you choose to be is your purpose.The only effort is to find it by yourself.

Logotherapy, as described by Viktor E Frankel, helps you find the reasons to live. In psychology, Logotherapy pushes patients to continuously discover their purpose in life.

Basic principles of logotherapy are as follows-

1)Life has meaning under all circumstances,Even the most miserable ones.

2)Our main motivation for living  is our will to find meaning in life.

3)We have freedom to find the meaning.

Logotherepy starts by finding meaning and once meaning if found then it can be applied to every sector of your life to find the purpose you should be fulfilling. By understanding “meaning” for yourself you can always assess your life based quality on the following diagram.

Logotherapy considers meaning as a quantitative value which is generated by 

1)Using your creativity 


3)Your attitude towards the current life state you are in . 

Logotherapy can be applied by yourself in following steps-

  1. The beginning is feeling anxious, frustrated and empty with a situation. We all have excelled in achieving all three during Corona terrorism.
  2. Start writing down your feelings and emotions throughout the day.
  3. Write down what you desire in a separate column, two or three times a day.
  4. Based on your individual desires form a collective desire.
  5. Based on the collective desire, find activities which fulfil those desires.
  6. Based on the experiences from those activities, access the type of life you are living according to the meaning fulfilment scale above.
  7. Based on how you feel about the experiences you can find out the meaning and purpose you want to fulfil in your life.

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