Corona as Biological Weapon … Discussion of Third World War, US Documents of China

Chinese scientists have discussed the SARS corona virus as the 'new age of Biological weapon', Covid being an example of this. There is a discussion in the PLA documents that a biological attack can destroy the enemy's health system.

Nobody is willing to accept China’s claims on the Coronavirus. There is a question on every side, how was the country in which the Coronavirus has been born so safe from its effects? How life came back on track in China in 6 to 8 months, while many countries of the world including India have been struggling with this disease for 2 years.

Now the revelation of a new report deepens suspicion about China’s intentions regarding the coronavirus.

This report is related to the events of 2015 when people were unaware of the deadly effects of the coronavirus in the world, but at the same time, China was investigating using the coronavirus as a weapon.

Not only this, it is feared that Chinese military scientists had predicted the third world war to be fought with biological weapons.

This claim has been claimed in the media report citing intelligence documents received by the US State Department.

Britain’s ‘The Sun’ newspaper quoted Australia’s newspaper The Australian as saying that according to the explosive information that the US State Department had to hand, the commander of the Chinese Army PLA was making these crooked predictions.

These alleged documents found by a US official were written by military scientists and Chinese health officials in 2015, who were investigating themselves about the Covid-19.

Chinese scientists have discussed the SARS coronavirus as the ‘new age of biological weapon’, Covid being an example of this. There is a discussion in the PLA documents that a biological attack can destroy the enemy’s health system.

The PLA document also mentions a study by US Air Force Colonel Michael J, who predicted that the Third World War would be fought with biological weapons.

This report also said that the SARS that attacked China in 2003 may be a biological weapon designed by the terrorists.

These alleged documents mention that this virus can be artificially transformed and can be converted into a disease-causing virus in humans, after which it can be used as a weapon. The world has never seen it for the first time.

This document contains the article of China’s top health officials. Let us know that the first case of Covid-19 was detected in the year 2019. After this, the disease has taken the shape of a global pandemic.

Following this revelation, Australian politician James Patterson said that these documents have raised doubts and concerns about China’s transparency about the origin of Covid-19. However, China’s official newspaper Global Times has criticized The Australian for publishing this article and described it as a campaign to tarnish China’s image.

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