Couple Claim Airline Moved Their 13-Month-Old Baby Onto Separate Flight

A couple in Australia were left fuming after Qantas rebooked their 13-month-old daughter onto a different flight. Stephanie and Andrew Braham also claimed that the airline refused to accept their mistake. They are currently on vacation in Europe and are forced to extend their stay because of the error made by the airline. The Brahams also said that they had to spend 20 hours on phone to fix the issue while on a trip through Europe with their baby daughter.

The issue started when the couple was told by Qantas that their flight to home Australia has been rescheduled. But they were shocked to learn that the airline had the airline had booked their daughter on completely different flight form the one they were booked on.

“They said they hadn’t done anything wrong because they did book her a ticket. Initially, they denied any liability. That’s Qantas,” Ms Braham told Channel 9’s Today Show.

“We spent 20 hours 47 minutes and 13 seconds on the phone to Qantas over a 24-hour period, and over 55 separate phone calls, before they finally agreed to book us on new flights home,” he added.

The family is now forced to spend two more weeks in Rome, splashing huge money on accommodation.

After almost an entire day on phone, they managed to find three tickets on the same flight.

“We’re seething. I’m meant to be home,” Mr Braham was quoted as saying by Their flight to home has now been pushed back by 12 days.

Qantas issued a statement to a few Australian outlets in which the airline said it “sincerely apologises” to the family. It blamed a “back-end administrative error” for the blunder.

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