CoWIN can’t notify users, but this new website will tell Indians when Covid-19 vaccine slot is available

A new website promises to notify its users of vaccine slots availability in India. The website works in a very simple, single-page registration process.

UPDATED: May 3, 2021 17:17 IST

Covid-19 vaccination for people above the age of 18 years and below 45 years has begun in India. However, the new phase of the world’s largest vaccination drive has been marred by limited vaccine availability. Due to this, not all who register for the vaccine are able to get a slot for the jab in the near future.

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A website has now been created that aims to notify all those who registered for the Covid-19 vaccine through an email. Spelt, the website promises to notify the 18-45 years age group with an email as soon as slots open up in the area.

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The website is in a very nascent stage as of now and comprises a single registration page. It requires your name, district in India and your email ID to send the mail to when the Covid-19 vaccination slots are open in your area. There is an option to register your phone number, as the website plans to bring SMS functionality for the notification soon.

As per the very limited information available on it, the website has been developed by four friends, each from a different field of work. promises to not share or sell the data to anyone.

India Today reached out to the developers for more information on As per our discussion with Shyam Sunder, one of the developers of the website, users will only receive an email from the once slots are available for vaccination in their area. No confirmation for registration or any other emails is sent out by the website. You can check out a screenshot of an email sent by the website upon slot availability in Panipat, Haryana.

Shyam said that the website procures the data for slot availability through the official government portal CoWin. It makes use of Microsoft Azure for querying Cowin for the data.

The website has been hosted on, a platform for building single page websites. Its backend is powered by Airtable and Shyam assures that the data is pretty secure. Still, users are advised to use the website at their own discretion.

How to register for the Covid-19 vaccine

In case you are eligible (aged 18 years or above) and have not registered for the Covid-19 vaccine, you can do so by visiting the Cowin government portal. The website allows users to register for a jab using their phone number.

Once the phone number is verified through an OTP, the registration process requires the user’s name, a preferred method of identification and its number, gender and year of birth. Users receive a confirmation on their email and phone number once the registration is complete.

Post successful registration, users will have to schedule an appointment at their area’s vaccination centre. Limited slots are available at present for some regions, and this is why initiatives like can help users stay on top of the availability.

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