Dating In 2022: How To Impress A Girl On Chat

Chatting with a girl online for the first time is akin to going on that first date. You will realise that you really get one shot at making that good first impression. It is perfectly normal to feel anxious and nervous, afraid that your next sentence might turn her off or have her reaching for the block button. What is crucial is that you be genuine, confident, and courteous. That said, you are bound to make a lasting impression on any girl you chat with. The key is to start a great conversation and keep it going! So, how do you impress a girl on chat effectively? Well, there are some simple yet effective tips on how to impress a girl on chat. Here you go.


1.     Let Her Do The Talking


In your conscious effort to make a splash on the girl on chat or keep her from going on to another prospective match, you talk and talk to the point she barely gets a put her thoughts forward. Don’t do that! Instead, keep her completely in the conversation. If all you are doing is brag about yourself, she will quickly get to a point where she feels that this is going to carry over into a real-life situation and she may not show further interest. If you don’t give her a chance to speak her mind at the onset, she will never get the chance to express herself to her fullest.

2.     Explore Fun Topics to Discuss

When chatting with a girl, the last thing you want to do is start boring her with topics that are not meant to culminate into anything substantial. You can talk to her about her favorite TV show or the latest fad or fun recreational things in her area or simply think of some fun topics to talk about that will excite her and keep the ball rolling. Find out if she is the adventurous type who likes rock climbing, bungee jumping or if she likes to spend her weekend sneaking in bed. If she likes to travel, don’t talk solely about all the places you have been to, instead involve her and talk about how excited you are about all the places you wish to see with her in the future. Get her in the conversation, look for some common ground, and go with the flow.


3.     Be Patient


The key to impressing that girl on your first chat is to be patient. While it’s equally important to speak your mind, it’s also important to pause and give her the chance to open up like a little shy flower. Remember, she is in the same boat as you, both of you may be nervous at first, so give her space and time to reply.

4.     Don’t Boast Too Much

One of the biggest mistakes most men make at the beginning of the chat session is telling a lie about yourself in order to make that coveted first impression. This one little lie can cultivate into bigger problems in later years. Lying in any relationship can be a potential recipe for disaster and call for trouble eventually. Lying early in the chat relationship will eventually come back and backfire. Choose the honest way; it was meant to be, the relationship will blossom without having to make up things on your own.

5.     Try To Be Unique 


Since you really only have that one opportunity to make a lasting difference, do it with flair. While most people are talking about their careers, their aspirations, and their possessions, take the road less traveled and open up about things that she would be interested in hearing; something she would not expect to be coming from you. Perhaps you have some creative ideas about starting a business or any ideas to show her your sensitivity towards society. Open a more thoughtful conversation and see the magic unfold.

Trying to impress her on your first chat is all about being yourself. In the end, she is going to eventually meet you in person anyway. Follow the above tips and take things in your stride. Happy dating!

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