David Miller’s Little Princess Passed Away Due To Cancer-Know More

David Miller is in the news again after a young fan of his passing away. The young girl, named Ane, had been battling cancer for quite some time. The cricketer’s Instagram post about the girl’s passing went viral on social media within minutes. Though fans initially assumed that it was his daughter, Miller later clarified that she was just one of his many fans.

David Miller

David Miller shared the news of his friend’s daughter’s death on Instagram. Although he did not mention that the girl was actually his daughter, he did share a touching video of him playing with the girl. His fans and supporters have sent their condolences and prayers to the cricketer.

Upon hearing the news, Miller was devastated. Her daughter was only five. Her death has left her mother with no choice but to grieve. She was a cherished part of Miller’s life. Miller is now preparing for an ODI series against India. The BCCI and ICC could not understand the truth of the story at first but eventually clarified that it is his daughter who was killed.

There have been several media reports identifying the girl in the video as the child of Miller. While Miller has not confirmed the relationship with the girl, he has shared similar videos in the past. It’s unclear how close Miller was to the girl in the viral video. Miller’s family is unsure whether she was a fan or her daughter.

South Africa has a cricket superstar in David Miller, and the two players are currently touring India for a three-match ODI series. The team won the first match in Lucknow by nine runs, and the second match will be played on 9th October in Ranchi. In the meantime, Miller’s daughter passed away last week.

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