Deepti Naval to play the protagonist in daughter Disha Jha’s production

Veteran actor Deepti Naval has come on board for her daughter Disha Jha’s production venture. The actor will be seen in the short film titled The Last Journey, which is directed by Gautam Ghose’s daughter Anandi Ghose. The young producer says that her mother will be playing the protagonist in the film.

The shooting of the film is expected to begin in February, as the story revolves around the winter season. Disha is yet to cast two other important characters, one of who will be playing Deepti’s son in the short film.

“Beautiful short stories are coming my way,” says Disha, as she adds, “The story came to me during the lockdown. First I thought of making this into a feature film, but I knew that there was not enough material to make it last for like one and a half or two hours. Also, the market for short films is very different from feature films or a web shows, so I was in two minds. But the story stayed with me.”

While there have been certain reports about the topic of the film, Disha wants to wait for the right time to reveal it. She says, “I can’t dwell on the subject, but I kept reading articles related to it. I just knew in my heart that I have to make this. I am producing it and I have roped in my mother to play the protagonist.”

Disha, whose father Prakash Jha is a renowned filmmaker and actor, also plans to venture into feature filmmaking and things are already in motion. She says, “They will happen next year. They are all in the development stage. One is called Dharamshetra. The other is titled Chasmadeed . There’s another project called Ravan Mara Gaya. Most of them will be directly given to digital, but we are still scripting and setting up the team. Some are in advance stages where we have started approaching actors.”

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