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Delhi Metro is ready to handle commuters!

to be allowed as a part of Unlock 4.

From new smartcards with auto top-up facility to stickers on social distancing norms pasted on seats and platform floors, the Delhi Metro is ready to handle commuters, whenever its services resume. The Delhi Metro services, which are closed since March 22, the day Janata Curfew was imposed within the wake of the coronavirus outbreak, are likely to be allowed as a part of Unlock 4.

The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) is getting to put in situ a series of measures when its services resume

At the metro station

Tokens will not be issued to passengers.
Automatic top-up and smart cards are going to be available for contactless travel.
Smart cards are going to be auto-topped up at automatic fare collection (AFC) gates.
Red lines are drawn at regular intervals next to AFC gates and security checking gates, just before commuters enter near platform areas.
Provision for hand sanitisation.
All passengers arriving at metro stations are going to be thermally screened by CISF staff.
The security personnel also will check whether the passengers have Aaogya Setu app on their phones.
CISF personnel at door-frame metal detectors will mandatorily wear a mask shield, face mask, and gloves.
The security officials will use modified hand-held metal detectors to see passengers from a distance.
At the platform

On platform floors, large stickers bearing ‘Ensure Social Distancing’ message with a white circle bordered by a red circle, are pasted at regular intervals to alert commuters.
Trains will stop longer at each station
In the coach

• the amount of passengers during a train are going to be limited to 300-350.

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• Only alternate seats are going to be used.

• Air conditioners inside trains are going to be set at 26 degrees Celsius

• Passengers are going to be required to wear their mask throughout their journey.

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