Desire Stories 2: “Deverakonda?” When Tamannaah And Vijay Varma Learnt They Were Co-Stars

New Delhi: In front of the arrival of Netflix’s Desire Stories 2, the producers chose to extinguish fans’ interest somewhat. They posted a video named Cast Stories 2, in which the stars of Desire Stories 2 are seen tending to their inquiries and questions and sharing their proposals as well (checking out at you Kajol). We should begin with the Bollywood’s freshest couple – Tamannaah and Vijay Varma, who will co-star in the film. When Tamannaah finds that she has a kissing scene, pause, “in excess of a kissing scene,” she says, “Might I at any point clasp hands all things considered? Like actually enthusiastically” and “what might be said about an embrace?” she adds. Vjay’s ROFL response on perusing the content was, “Was Vicky (Kaushal) occupied?” (Vicky Kaushal featured in the initial segment of the film). “Am I the essence of desire? I assume I’m,” Vijay said. At the point when Tamannaah asked who her co-star was, she was informed Vijay. “Deverakonda?” she inquired. At the point when Vijay and Tamannaah learnt they will be co-stars, the two of them essentially said, “Yea, yea, cool.”
Kajol’s bits of feedbacks were everything comical. “Not so much as a solitary scene in a mustard field? Are you being closefisted?” asked Kajol. “Cheapos,” she added. Reasonable to call it the DDLJ impact. She then added, “Hello what do you mean we can’t have a violin player?” One more proposal from the OG, “Keep my personality’s name Anjali.” (naam toh suna greetings hoga). Also, the last one – Kajol inquired as to whether the film could be designated “Kabhi Pyaar Kabhi Desire.”

In the mean time, Neena Gupta was informed that its a job of grandma. To which she answered, “In this way, Dadiji can’t desire for sure?” Mrunal Thakur’s greatest concern was, “My personality isn’t passing on in the film, right?” Tillotama Shome wished to do every one of the 4 treasury films. She was informed she could do just 1. “For what reason might I at any point have this impact?” she inquired. Angad Bedi’s contemplations – “you can cause me to do anything.” Mournful Amruta Subhash simply required box of tissues.

Netflix India inscribed the video, “Is Vijay Varma the substance of desire? Will Kajol become in sarson ke khet? Will there be a climax scene this time? Figure out the solutions to these consuming inquiries and that’s just the beginning. Desire Stories 2 is coming soon, just on Netflix.”

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