Despite uneasy calm, fears of a spark at lac remain concern

Updated on October 5, 2020 | 13:06 IST

There has been no provocative action since the September 10 meeting between foreign ministers S Jaishankar and Wang Yi resulted during a “consensus” over not escalating and refraining from sending more front-line troops to the LAC. especially , this suggests their are no aggressive approaches by PLA troops as was the case after Indians surprised the Chinese by taking control of certain heights on the south bank of the Pangong Lake.

Amid the standoff with China at Ladakh border, PM Modi, inaugurating the Atal Tunnel on Saturday, spoke about the neglect of the necessity to enhance border infrastructure within the previous decades to say that “the situation has now changed and within the last six years, the border infrastructure — be it

Amid standoff with China, PM vows to enhance border infrastructure
As things stand, subsequent meeting of military commanders is awaited after events associated with China’s National Day, celebrated on October 1, are over. But within the meanwhile, the deliberation with which China has mentioned the 1959 claim line, though fully aware that India has never accepted it, is seen as a toughening of posture, a digging in despite pledges to disengage and de-escalate.

NEW DELHI: during a development that comes amidst India’s ongoing military confrontation with China in eastern Ladakh, long-range maritime patrol aircraft of the US seem to possess begun refuelling from the strategically-located Andaman & Nicobar island archipelago. An American P-8 Poseidon aircraft, armed

The upping of ante has been noted by Indian planners, who see it as a challenge and a confirmation of their assessment that Chinese actions on the bottom generate no trust — some extent convey plainly by Jaishankar and defence minister Rajnath Singh to their counterparts. deciding if China’s foreign ministry is “on or off-board” with the leadership or a part of a ‘smoke and mirrors’ game is seen as besides the purpose . the bottom situation remains very tense.

India and China will hold Corps Commander-level talks on Columbus Day within the Eastern Ladakh sector to deal with the continued military standoff between the 2 countries, sources said on Sunday. The sixth Corps Commander-level meeting between India and China on the difficulty of Ladakh stand-off concluded on

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Hundreds of troops at close proximity create hit or miss and volatile situation, said sources adding that nerves and suspicion may result in unintended consequences. There doesn’t seem any possibility of a scale-down unless there’s a substantive engagement at the apex level as other means aren’t working, they said.
There is confidence on the Indian side that its military is best trained in mountain warfare and China’s whip hand in “gizmos” has limited utility along the LAC. Having altered the “status quo” within the Pangong area to its advantage, India isn’t hurrying to supply China a face-saver albeit it doesn’t need a costly conflict.

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