Dhee says she did not downplay Arivu, Santhosh Narayanan’s contribution in Enjoy Enjaami: ‘Have no control over the way our work is being shared’

After composer Santhosh Narayanan, singer Dhee has also shared her statement about the ongoing controversy surrounding Enjoy Enjaami. In an earlier social media post, Arivu implied that he was not credited with the song when it was performed at the opening ceremony of the 44th Chess Olympiad in Chennai.

Dhee took to social media and wrote, “At no point, I have diminished or downplayed both of their (Arivu and Santhosh Narayanan) importance in Enjoy Enjaami. I’ve only ever wanted to celebrate and highlight their work and I have been doing that at every step and stage. I don’t have any control over the way our work is being shared and promoted by external sources.” She also added, “I only wanted Arivu’s voice to be heard the loudest… All the revenues and the ownership of the song are equally shared amongst the three of us.”

Arivu’s absence from the opening ceremony was noted by many and was criticised on social media.

In response, the Tamil rapper wrote a long statement on Instagram claiming that he composed, wrote, and performed Enjoy Enjaami. Although Arivu didn’t claim he wasn’t given the due credit for the song, his post reflected a similar sentiment. Towards the end of the post, he wrote, “Anyone can snatch away your treasure when You’re asleep. Never when you are awake (sic).” This created a furore on social media as many claimed that Arivu was sidelined.

Following Arivu’s post, the song’s producer Santhosh Narayanan released a statement claiming that the song was a collaborative effort.

Enjoy Enjaami is an independent song by the label Maajja. It has so far raked in more than 430 million views on YouTube.

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