Doctor helps woman to deliver child in mid-air

Updated 12 October 2020 | 12:05 IST

Not every child finishes up being born in hospitals, a number of them take birth in midair too.

The mother flying from Delhi to Bengaluru, October 7 will always remember the flight she took and therefore the doctor who gave birth to her baby on the wing.

Dr. Sailaja Vallabhaneni, who helped a lady deliver a baby on an IndiGo flight, said she noticed bloodstains on the ground when the lady started walking towards the restroom and realized her water had broken. She helped her deliver within the bathroom.
“I placed the baby on the serving table…The cord was cut using scissors sterilized with hand sanitizer,” Vallabhaneni said to

Shortly after the Indigo flight took off around 5.30 pm from the capital a pregnant woman had prematurely gone into labor, and she or he was experiencing pain and discomfort.

That was when Dr. Sailaja Vallabhaneni, Consultant Foetal Medicine, Cloudnine Group of Hospitals, Old Airport Road, Bengaluru stepped in. “I was afraid she could also be aborting, due to the symptoms common during this fetal age and at a high altitude,” she said.

“I enquired about her medical record, and of any episode of spotting or bleeding, to which the lady replied that she had severe gastritis. Suddenly, she winced and said she had to use the toilet. When she started walking towards the restroom, I noticed there have been bloodstains on the floor; her water had broken,” the doctor shared.

Since she was already wearing gloves, a mask, and a face shield, Dr. Vallabhaneni jumped into action and helped the lady deliver the kid within the bathroom!

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“Co-passengers were kind enough to share their shawls and bed sheets to hide the baby and keep it warm,” the doctor said.

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