Does egg yolk have fat and cholesterol? Find out here

The egg is consumed across the world in myriad ways — from boiled to sunny side up and even as a gravy. But, many people avoid having the yolk, the yellow part, thinking it is fattening, contains cholesterol, and hence, can affect heart health. But is it true?

According to dietitian Mac Singh, egg yolks are extremely nutritious. “An egg yolk is way healthier when compared to egg white. Egg yolks, besides having a relatively good amount of protein, also contain heart-healthy unsaturated fat, including omega-3 fats,” he wrote on Instagram.

He added that egg yolks are also enriched with many good-for-you nutrients, such as riboflavin (needed for growth and overall good health), vitamin D (extremely important for maintaining healthy bones), and vitamin B-12 (which plays a vital role in helping your body produce red blood cells). “Whereas, egg whites do have a considerable amount of protein but are low in everything else,” he mentioned.


Other benefits of eating egg yolks includes

*Boosts brain health
*Aids in weight loss
*Helps keep the heart in good condition
*Reduces the risk of eye disease

How many egg yolks should you eat?

To make sure the cholesterol present in the yolk does not affect your heart, a healthy individual (with no cardiac disease) can have two egg yolks a day. “A person suffering from any cardiac disease can consume 1 egg yolk a day,” he suggested.

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