Donald Trump Blasts Vladimir Putin’s Use of “N-Word”, Reveals How He Would Deal With Russian President

In an interview on “Piers Morgan Uncensored”, former US President Donald Trump revealed what he would have done about the ongoing war in Ukraine, and took the opportunity to lash out against Russian President Vladimir Putin for repeatedly using the “nuclear word”.

In the controversial interview that aired on Monday, Mr Morgan grilled Mr Trump about his connections to the Russian leader. When asked what would have he done in Ukraine if he were still the sitting President of the United States, Mr Trump stated that he would try and stop the Kremlin leader from ever saying the “N-word” again.

“Putin uses the ‘N-word’. I call it the ‘N-word’. He uses the ‘N-word’, the nuclear word all the time. That’s a no-no, you’re not supposed to do that, Mr Trump said during the interview as quoted by New York Post. 

“He uses it on a daily basis. And everybody’s so afraid, so afraid, so afraid. And as they’re afraid he uses it more and more. That’s why he’s doing the kind of things he’s doing right now,” he added.

When asked about how to stop Russia’s ongoing offensive on Ukraine, Mr Trump said, “Instead of (Joe) Biden saying, ‘Oh, he has nuclear weapons,’ he keeps saying he has nuclear weapons, but we (the US) have better weapons, we have the greatest submarine power in history.”

The former President revealed that he would tell Mr Putin that the United States has “far more (weapons) than you do. Far, far more powerful than you.” He also went on to add that Mr Putin would be in trouble if he was dealing with him.

“You can’t use the word ‘nuclear’ ever again [with me]. And if you do, we’re going to have problems,” Mr Trump stated.

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Further, according to Post, Mr Trump even recalled that he told the Russian leader what the US’ response is going to be if he doesn’t stop invading Ukraine. “And his (Putin) response was ‘Really?’. I said, ‘Really,’” Mr Trump said.

Meanwhile, it is to mention that even before the interview aired on Fox nation streaming service, it had grabbed headlines after Mr Morgan said that the former US President walked out of the interview when he confronted him on his election lies. However, Mr Trump later issued a statement about the interview and accused the TV host of “unlawfully and deceptively” editing the clip.

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