Don’s empire was handling girlfriends from girls hostels, demanding extortion from businessmen

Sujit Sinha's girlfriend Priyanka was running a whole gang in a girls hostel in Kadru, Ranchi. She was living as a student in Girls Hostel. He has also studied BBA from a college in Daltonganj. Priyanka was befriended by Mahesh Sujit Sinha. After that she started working for Sujit Sinha and also joined his gang.

Ranchi, 13 April 2021, (Updated 13 April 2021, 1:58 PM IST)

The infamous gangster Sujit Sinha, who has become the headache of the police of many districts including Rajdhani Ranchi, is once again in the discussion and this discussion is due to his empire-loving girlfriend Priyanka Kumari Singh alias Khushboo alias Srishti. Priyanka Kumari was the second in command of the gang of notorious gangster Sujit Sinha. He was demanding extortion from big businessmen and builders in Ranchi. This series had been going on for a long time. But this gang was exposed when a big businessman and politically connected person sought extortion and threatened with murder, the entire gang including Sujit Sinha’s girlfriend came on the radar of the police, after which the state police, one by one, got all the gang members Took hold of.

 Priyanka was running a gang from Girls Hostel

Sujit Sinha’s girlfriend Priyanka was running a whole gang in a girls hostel in Kadru, Ranchi. She was living as a student in Girls Hostel. He has also studied BBA from a college in Daltonganj. Priyanka was befriended by Mahesh Sujit Sinha. After that she started working for Sujit Sinha and also joined his gang. He also added two real brothers Ankit and Vikas in his gang. Priyanka had prepared a list of land traders in Ranchi through her different goons. Based on the same list, she used to call businessmen and builders.

Calls used to ask everyone for money in extortion or a flat in every project and used to say that the price of the entire flat would be shot or two. Many builders had already paid for the fear of extortion demanded in the name of Sujit Sinha. However, after demanding extortion from a big businessman, the gang activity came in front of the police and four people including Priyanka were caught. Other items including mobile jewelry have also been recovered from them.

 Priyanka used to threaten big businessmen and builders

Ranchi’s SSP Surendra Jha said that Sujit Sinha’s girlfriend Priyanka was involved in the murder of Luv Singh of the infamous W Singh gang in Palamu as Honey Trap. In this case, he has also gone to jail, Rintu Singh, who was caught in this case, also has a criminal history. In the case of extortion and murder, he has also gone to jail in the past. SSP Surendra Jha said that for some time, the Sujit Sinha gang was demanding extortion from the builder contractor and land traders of Ranchi and other districts, threatening to kill him for not giving money, by the criminals of the gang.

He said that verification was done in this case and after confirmation of this, a police team was formed and a trap was laid to arrest the culprits. The police team systematically arrested all the four criminals. The arrest has been made in the case registered at Ratu police station on 10 April. Surendra Jha also said that many important information has been found in the interrogation of the arrested criminals and further work is being done on that basis. Priyanka was in constant contact with Jailed Sujit Sinha, she used to operate the gang in Sinha’s non-attendance, he also used to get a huge amount every month in lieu of work.

 Sujit Sinha is a notorious gangster

According to the police diary, there are 36 criminal gangs running in the state, but the most active is the Sujit Sinha gang. For almost a year, this gang had harassed the police, many criminals including Aman Sahu, Basant Ganju, belonging to this gang were arrested by the police from different districts, despite the police could not completely stop the activities of this gang. Was living

There are a total of 51 cases against Sujit Sinha, including Arms Act extortion and murder. His gang includes many criminals. Some criminals of the gang are currently absconding, apart from some active senders, some criminals are also out of jail on bail, through which Sujit is running the gang from inside the jail. Sujit Sinha used to be counted among the special shooters of gangster Sushil Shrivastava who were killed in Hazaribagh court. Sujit Sinha plotted to kill Vikas Tiwari, the kingpin of the Bhola Pandey gang, to avenge Sushil’s death. Sujit Sinha had conspired to kill engineer Samrendra Pratap Singh through the culprit Lavkush Sharma.

Police arrested 4 people

Ranchi Police arrested four people of Sujit Sinha Gyan, in which Priyanka Singh, Rinku Singh alias Jayprakash Singh, Ankit Pratap Singh alias Golu and Vikas Singh alias Chhotu have been successful in arresting them.

 Planning for the murder of a businessman

After the criminals of Sujit Sinha gang were caught by the police, the SSP of Ranchi told the press conference that the concerned land had also planned to kill the businessmen. SSP Surendra Jha said that Sujit Sinha’s gang was operating in Ranchi and adjoining areas, only Priyanka was asking whom to ask for extortion and who to threaten. He was responsible for everything in the gang, where to keep it and who to remove. She was in constant touch with Sujit Sinha. Surendra Jha said that some personnel of Ghaghidih jail used to provide information related to Sujit Sinha to Priyanka from inside the jail.

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