“Don’t Fix What Is Not Broken”: Jet Airways CEO’s Reply To This Question

Jet Airways CEO Sanjiv Kapoor has, in a way, answered the question related to the “special livery” of the carrier. Mr Kapoor, in a Twitter post, said that he has been receiving a lot of questions related to the aircraft’s new livery and special makeover.
Mr Kapoor wrote, “So many questions. Will Jet Airways have a new livery? A special livery? A retro livery?” He added that everyone “will have to wait and watch”.

Sanjiv Kapoor has also dropped a hint on the announcement date. He said that the “date of reveal is not too far now”

He ended the post by saying, “All, I will say is sometimes less is more. A light touch. Don’t fix what is not broken.”

In a follow-up tweet, Mr Kapoor shared a picture of a Jet Airways aircraft from the initial days of flying and said, “This one was the original. 28 years ago. Not quite retro, but not that recent.”

Jet Airways, which is owned by Jalan-Kalrock Consortium, conducted its test flight to and from the Hyderabad airport on May 5 and received security clearance from the Union Home Ministry, in the same month. The company has also completed the second and the last set of two proving flights, which is mandatory to obtain the air operator certificate (AOC) from the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), in May.

The company has also announced a tie-up with IBS Software, a Thiruvananthapuram-based SaaS solutions provider, for a range of technology platforms to support the private carrier’s relaunch as a people-focused airline for the digital age.

“Jet Airways is coming back determined to take technology, services, and customer experience to a new level. Technology with a human touch is at the heart of everything we want to achieve, starting with getting the basics right by addressing recurring pain points in the customer journey, both online and at the airports, while also addressing the pain points commonly faced by airline staff”, Sanjiv Kapoor had said.

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