Elon Musk Makes Tweet Related To Buy Coca-Cola Netizens Went Crazy

One more time Elon Musk has been in the headline of the news. You must be in the swim that often he is found as the centre of attraction. Do you know why this time he went viral? If you are thinking due to twitter then it is the wrong answer. As far as we know, one of the tweets has gone viral on the web. On the 28th of April in the year 2022.

Elon Musk Makes Tweet Related To Buy Coca-Cola Netizens Went Crazy

Elon Musk Tweet to Buy Coca-Cola

He has made a tweet in which he said, “next I will buy coca-cola to put the cocaine back in”. This tweet has gone viral, and netizens are circuiting his post on wen and different social media platforms. He is the new owner of the microblogging platforms Twitter.

Yes after making a billion-dollar deal with Twitter, he has set his eyes to buy another billion-dollar company Coca-Cola. Netizens are so confused and they are going crazy over his tweets. They are making lots of assumptions, some are thinking that he is just kidding and on the other side some are serious about this. In the previous days, he was the headline of the news because he bought Twitter for $44 billion USD.

He is the world’s richest person as of now, moreover, he is growing over the course of time. There are lots of followers of him, who follow him online, he is most active on Twitter. He is the founder and CEO of Tesla, SpaceX and many more. He is one of the most successful people in the world, his success is appreciated by tons of netizens.

Social Media Reaction

Elon Musk is being covered by many websites, as people are showing interest in knowing more about his tweet. It will be interesting to that what will happen in future. Will Elon Must buy Coca-Cola or not, it is just a joke. Hold your horses for some more time, we will be right back with another post on the same site. There are more than thousands of people who are inspired by him, he is an inspirational personality for them.

Apart from him, there are many billionaires on the list of forms but he is leading among them. It seems that in the upcoming time he will own more multinational companies. It will be worth waiting let’s see what happens ahead, we are curious to know we wish him the best for his upcoming projects.

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