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‘Even recovered Covid patients can be at risk if people don’t restrain themselves on Diwali’

Updated 05th November 2020 | 10:45 IST

The Chandigarh Administration has cautioned city residents on the use of fireside crackers, stating that studies have revealed that 15 per cent of Covid-19 deaths are caused thanks to pollution. The administration added that even those that have recovered from the virus will become vulnerable if people don’t restrain themselves during Diwali.

“With the approaching winter and therefore the deteriorating air quality in Chandigarh, more and more people are going to be vulnerable to cough and cold. With the constant threat of Covid-19 looming over them, further pollution by bursting crackers and fireworks are going to be dangerous for people with weak lungs,” said the administration during a statement.

It was also specified that several studies conducted in Italy and therefore the USA have shown increased pollution is linked to higher rates of mortality thanks to Covid-19.

“Studies have also shown that 15 per cent of coronavirus deaths are thanks to pollution and case death rate can increase in elderly and persons with co-morbidities. because the winter sets in, dry air could aggravate breathing difficulties, especially among those affected by lung ailments,” said officials.

“If we add smoke to the ambient air by bursting crackers, then it could end up to be a recipe for disaster. The poisonous gas emitted from crackers and fireworks is especially dangerous for people that are affected by Covid-19 whether in a hospital or in quarantine,” the officials added.

The Director Health Services stated that even those that have recovered from the virus will become vulnerable if we don’t restrain ourselves during Diwali.

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She advised people to remain indoors and desist from bursting firecrackers. “Public cooperation during this will help keep the transmission of Covid-19 in check and reduce the danger of mortality thanks to the virus within the coming winter months,” she said.

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