Fitness alert: Feel the ‘burn’ with Masaba Gupta’s arm routine

"Use a weight that you can sustain for a long time - don’t be fooled by the simplicity of this routine, I promise this one’s 🥵," Apoorv Mathur, her fitness coach, wrote on Instagram.

Fashion, beauty, acting, and fitness — Masaba Gupta aces it all effortlessly. As such, the designer, who regularly shares updates about her workout routines, was once again seen setting exercise goals, this time with her ‘arm day’ routine. In an Instagram post shared by her coach, Apoorv Mathur, the Masaba Masaba star was seen practicing  ‘The Burn’, which he called his “top favourite with almost everyone I train!”  He further suggested those who “like the feeling of muscles on fire” try her “arm day finisher”.

In the video, Masaba — who held weights — was seen doing 15 seconds of side raise + 15 seconds hold followed by 15 seconds of front raise + 15 seconds hold; 30 seconds rear delt fly; 30 hammer curl; and finally 30 skull crusher, all of which make for a great arm workout.

But, the fitness coach had a word of caution: “Use a weight that you can sustain for a long time — don’t be fooled by the simplicity of this routine, I promise this one’s

Prior to this, Masaba had shared another workout video, in which she stressed the need to “keep moving”. “You got to keep moving. Learnt this the hard way because I just did not have it in me to work out with everything I have been trying to do in the last two weeks.” she captioned the post, adding that she has been struggling to maintain her fitness routine for some time, as “I’ve put every single thing ahead of me for months – Masaba Masaba/Lovechild/House of Masaba but it’s time to get back to regular programming,” she said.

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In the video, the designer-actor was seen doing a stretching routine on a yoga mat, followed by plank jump-ins.

Earlier, Masaba was also seen killing it with a workout with her trainer. “Happy World Health Day! Today (or any day) is a good day to start investing in the greatest gift that you’ve been given your body” she captioned the post.

In another such video, the designer was seen exercising with battle ropes and a medicine ball. “No meeting, no shoot, no event will come in the way of my morning workout,” Masaba had captioned the video.

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