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Fitness instructor highlights the importance of building ‘foot grip strength’

Overall fitness can only be achieved when every body part works to its maximum capacity. However, while a lot of emphasis is paid to overall strength, flexibility, and handgrip, we often forget to pay as much attention to building foot grip strength.

That’s where the issues begin, highlighted fitness instructor Imran Khurshaidi in an Instagram post.

“Foot grip strength is as important as handgrip strength, or probably more. Forget lifting weights or climbing mountains, our foot grip strength enables us to run, and run better than any of our quadruped or even other primate folks. When our foot hits the ground during running, the big toe and the lateral digits expands by gripping the surface to decelerate and create a braking mechanism to reduce and absorb the impact,” he said in the post.

As per Khurshaidi, gripping also enables the foot to store kinetic energy to propel the body up and forward during the “propulsion phase of the gait cycle”. “Encasing our functional feet in modern shoes have limited the grip strength of our feet,” he said.

Which is, probably, why fitness buffs like Milind Soman avoid closed footwear, especially while running.

“I find closed shoes uncomfortable, I can’t run with my natural form…To me, soft/hard surface does not matter, technique matters. Run softly,” he said while stating he prefers vibram five fingers with toes cut off or Luna Sandals.

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